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CSI: Vegas Fic: Burning Thoughts

Title: Burning Thoughts
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: PG
Prompt: 14B- Burn
Spoilers: S3's Play With Fire, and Inside The Box.
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Don't sue?
Author's Notes: Forgive the butchering of the Greg. It's almost 11:30 pm, and my brain is fried. I just had to get this out, because it was sitting inside the brain today.

There were some days where Greg swore he could feel his skin burning off his body. He was fully aware that the explosion in the lab had happened several years previous, but he still had nightmares about that day.

He constantly felt heat seeping through his body, melting away his shirt and lab coat, even though he no longer wore the thick white material over his now muted shirts and jeans.

He ran his hand lightly over the side of his neck and felt the raised scars there, carefully hidden beneath a neatly pressed, collared shirt.

The explosion that day had changed him, and not just in the physical way. He no longer loved stuff that was hot, except for his coffee. He hated fires in the fireplace and he disliked running the heater at full blast in his car. He knew it was weird, and he figured somewhere along the line, he could still use a good dose of therapy, but he kept pushing it back, knowing it overall would be useless.

Greg sighed softly, pulling his collar back up as Nick's voice called out to him from across the hall. He had to start moving on, or else he knew he'd keep on burning, melting away any sort of feeling he had left in him.

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I do not think you butchered him at all. Especially in light of the S5 episode where the woman tries to kill herself by burning herself. I could very much see this taking place very soon after that episode, you know? Wonderful job.
Aw, thanks! I appreciate that! And yeah, that episode kind of triggered this. More of an aftermath thing. Thanks!