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NCIS Fic - Best Man

Title: Best Man
Fandom: NCIS
Prompt: 18a
Rating: G
Summary: Gibbs doesn't like Tuxes.
A/N: No beta, written quickly. Slight spoilers for season four. Feels like it should be longer but nothing is coming to me. =)

"So whaddya think? It's pretty sharp." Abby ran her hand across the black jacket.

"It's a tuxedo."

"It's what you wear to weddings," she muttered. "It looks great. How's it fit?"

"Like monkey suits should," he sighed as he stared down at the black tux and the dark red vest.

Abby rested her cheek against his shoulder. "This means the world to him, you know that right? He didn't think you'd say yes."

"Not sure why I did."

"'Cuz you love him. Just like we all do."

She rolled her eyes when he made an offensive noise. She began to carefully hang up the vest and jacket. She'd been just as shocked when Tony had met with Gibbs one evening to ask him to be his best man. Knowing how Tony felt she really shouldn't have been shocked. Gibbs was the dad Tony had always wanted, but never had. The fact he was getting married was more shocking than anything else.

She smiled as Gibbs continued to sit and stare at the tux. Tomorrow at three they'd all gather at the posh hotel and watch Tony settle down with Jeanne.

"Got your speech ready?"

Gibbs downed the last of his beer and glared at her. He wouldn't admit it to her, and she'd never tell, but the last week she'd walked into various rooms of the house and heard him mumbling to himself. As much as she knew he hated the suit, underneath the gruffness was pride in being asked to stand up for Tony.

He got up and tossed the beer bottle in the trash. "I'm going to bed."

"Take your tux!"
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